Hawaiian 787 delivery

Gepubliceerd op 18 februari 2024 om 22:44

©️ Photo by HNL Rrebirds.

HONOLULU - Hawaiian Airlines takes delivery of 1st B787

A few days ago, on 14 February 2024, Hawaiian Airlines welcomed its very first Boeing B787. The aircraft in question, B787-9 N781HA (66429), arrived at the airline's home base at Honolulu (HI) after a flight from the Boeing-plant in Charleston (SC).

The Dreamliner is the first of twelve B787-9s that will be delivered by 2027. The airline will use its new widebody-aircraft to, partially, replace its current fleet of 24 Airbus A330-200s. Next to this, the Hawaiian-fleet is made-up of eighteen A321neos, one A330-300P2F (operated for Amazon), and nineteen B717-200s.

Commercial flights are set to begin on 15 April 2024, flying between Honolulu (HI) and San Francisco (CA). From 15 May 2024, the aircraft will be used from Honolulu (HI) to Los Angeles (CA) and from Maui (HI) to Los Angeles (CA).


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