Viet Jet signs for A330-900NEO

Gepubliceerd op 22 februari 2024 om 22:00

©️ Illustrated by airbus

SINGAPORE - On 22 February 2024, during the third day of the Singapore Air Show, Airbus and VietJet announced both companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding for an order for the A330-900. Once firmed, the order will be for 20 aircraft with deliveries starting in 2026.

The low-cost airline is planning to use the new aircraft to replace its current fleet of seven A330-300s and to expand its widebody and long-haul operations. Next to the A330s, VietJet is operating a fleet of 30 A320s, 42 A321s, and 25 A321neos.

It also has open orders with Airbus for 87 A321neos, 20 A321XLRs, and with Boeing for 50 B737-8s and 100 B737-8200s.

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