Passangers notice damaged more early then the crew

Gepubliceerd op 24 februari 2024 om 13:51

©️ Photo by Bene Riobó

SAN FRANSISCO - Several passengers aboard a United Airlines Boeing 757-200 noticed that part of the wing had broken off.

The plane, registration N57111, departed San Francisco, United States, earlier this week for a domestic flight to Boston. During the flight, 67-year-old Kevin Clarke, one of the occupants, noticed that the wing had been damaged. "I looked out the window and saw that pieces of the wing were missing. As soon as we were in the air, I felt a violent vibration coming from outside through the engine," he told 7News. He began filming the wing. The video shows that part of it is loose. 'I can't wait for this flight to be over,' Clarke said behind his camera.

Another 757 passenger also noted the damage. He shared his findings afterwards on Reddit. "I was right above the wing and when we were at altitude I heard a louder noise than normal. I opened the [hatch of the] window and saw the wing looked like this (referring to a photo that accompanied it, ed.). How badly should I panic? Should I tell this to someone on the flight crew?" was the question. Not much later, one of the pilots walked down the aisle after which it was announced that the flight would be aborted midway.

Near Denver, the decision was made to make an unscheduled landing. There, the 757 would land about two hours after departure. 'The flight landed safely and we arranged for another plane to take our travelers to Boston after all,' a United Airlines spokesman told Business Insider. That involved another 757, registration N34137, which left for Boston at 8:30 p.m. local time after all.

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