More operators signs up for Cessna 408

Gepubliceerd op 1 maart 2024 om 21:01

©️ Photo by Textron Aviation 

OFFICE - This month, Textron Aviation has gained two new operators for its Cessna 408 SkyCourier. Earlier in the week, Hinterland Aviation from Australia signed for one new SkyCourier in passenger configuration. It will supplement its extensive fleet of Cessna 208s and King Airs. Hinterland is therefore well acquainted with Textron products.

 A couple of days before, Titan Airways announced it has signed for two SkyCouriers in quick change version. It is the first order announced in this configuration and the first turboprop aircraft from the UK-based carrier.

 With these two new orders, the SkyCourier has gained foothold in two new continents. So far, all of the deliveries have been in the USA, to FedEx, Kamaka Air, Bering Air and Lānaʻi Air.

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