Air Senegal receives first Let L-410s

Gepubliceerd op 27 maart 2024 om 23:29

Photo © Adolfo Bento de Urquía (JetPhotos)

Air Senegal recently took delivery of its first two Let L-410NG, following a 5-leg flight that started at the Let factory in Kunovice, Czech Republic.
Initially, Air Senegal would order 5 copies of this turboprop, but this number was increased to 8 at the beginning of this year.

The L-410NG, which can accommodate 19 passengers, is a modernized variant of the L-410, which has been active since 1969. This variant has, among other things, modern General-Electric H85-200 engines with 850 hp each, propellers of the AV725 type and new wings.
These improvements ensure that the L-410NG can reach a cruising speed of 225 knots or 417 km/h, a range of 2,570 km, and a flight time of 10.5 hours. The maximum payload is 2,154 kg.

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