Kalitta Charters II retires final B727

Gepubliceerd op 22 april 2024 om 11:59

©Johannes Wirl | Jetphotos

On 5 April 2024, Kalitta Charters II retired its final Boeing B727. The last flight was conducted by B727-264F N729CK (22982), which flew from Detroit-Willow Run (MI) to Oscoda (MI).

The airline has operated the B727 since 2003 and had a total of twelve in the fleet. Several of these were, however, only used for spares. With the departure of the B727, Kalitta Charters II's fleet is now made-up of five B737-300BDSFs, eight B737-400SFs, and four B737-800BDSFs. The latter aircraft are operated for DHL.

Next to the Boeings, Kalitta Charters II also operates a fleet of bizjets, featuring the Challenger 601, Learjet 35, Learjet 45, and Falcon 20. The company also operates Learjet 35s and Falcon 20s in a cargo-configuration.

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