FAMET takes over FLOAN AB212+ helicopters

Gepubliceerd op 13 maart 2024 om 15:25

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In July 2024, the Flotilla de Aeronaves de la Armada (FLOAN, Spanish Naval Aviation) is set to bid farewell to the Agusta-Bell AB212+ helicopters currently operated by 3 escuadrilla (Eslla 003) at Naval Station Rota. The unit will officially stand down on 31 July.

Eslla 003 currently maintains an active inventory of three AB212+ helicopters, with additional ones stored in their hangar at Rota. While speculation regarding the interest of the Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra (FAMET, Spanish Army Aviation) in taking over the Spanish Navy AB212 helicopters had been circulating, it is now reported as confirmed by the Spanish magazine and website Defensa.com that the transfer to the Spanish Army Aviation is underway.

Presently, FAMET operates a fleet of six AB212 utility helicopters with the Batallón de Helicópteros de Maniobra VI (BHELMA VI, Maneuver Helicopter Battalion VI), a part of El Mando de Canarias (MCANA, Canary Island Command) at Base Los Rodeos (Tenerife Norte).

While the exact number of helicopters to be transferred remains unconfirmed, it is speculated that all remaining may be part of this transfer, including maintenance material and a stock of spare parts. Before being handed over, the helicopters will undergo processing at the Parque y Centro de Mantenimiento de Helicópteros (PCMHEL) in Colmenar Viejo, near Madrid, before their final delivery to the Canary Islands.

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