HMS Prince of Wales visits the Port of Rotterdam

Gepubliceerd op 19 maart 2024 om 17:34

HMS Prince of Wales (R08) entering the Port of Rotterdam via the Maasvlakte (© Giovanni van Erven)

A British aircraft carrier, the HMS Prince of Wales (R08) has arrived in the port of Rotterdam. The HMS Prince of Wales took part in a major NATO exercise in recent weeks and will take a break in the Netherlands in the coming days.

The ship is 280 meters long and 70 meters wide and has room for 1,600 crew members, 36 fighter jets and four helicopters. In recent weeks it took part in a NATO exercise "Steadfast Defender 24" in northern Scandinavia.

The aircraft carrier being present there was not originally planned. Actually, the similar ship HMS Queen Elizabeth would participate in the exercise. But because that ship appeared to have technical problems, the HMS Prince of Wales had to intervene. Now that the exercise is over, the ship will remain in Rotterdam for the coming week so that the crew can relax a bit.