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Fire department, Aeroporto Faro

The Trip

FARO - On 17 July 2022, the trip went to Faro airport it's a small civilian airport in the Algarve of Portugal. This airport used to get a lot off low-cost airliners and flag carriers.


I was on the way to Faro airport it was about an 30 minute ride from the holiday house to the airport, After I arrived there it was time to search for a good spot... But didn't do to much research on the airport because it was only one runway near the coast this location was beautifull and has a lot of beautiful nature surrounded even the Flamingo's were staying close under the approach of the airport (I did see them on my arrival also).


After I arrived at the airport and had a look around it was time to search for a good spot... Funny about this there were no "official" spotters places but the spotters did build them by themselves it was build on a small hill with on top a couple of pallets at each end of the runway the only thing they didn't had was a water tap because some water is needed in this time of year.... But did survived it though.


I didn't really had a goal only that this was a new location to spot at and there was this airline called Voltea I wanted to spot but at the end there were a lot of private jets and even this Irish rugby team livery from AerLingus that I missed couple of times on Amsterdam, Also Ryanair was fun every arrival was different and sometimes a little hard ;)



  • CS-TRJ (Jet2Holidays) Hybrid HiFly c/s
  • G-JZHY (Jet2Holidays) Jet2.com c/s
  • G-EZDR (EasyJet)
  • G-TAWI (Tui UK) 
  • G-GDFS (Jet2Holidays) Jet2.com c/s
  • G-TAWG (Tui UK)
  • G-DRTZ (Jet2Holidays) Jet2.com c/s
  • G-JZHH (Jet2Holidays) Jet2.com c/s
  • EC-MAJ (Wamos) 
  • OO-SSJ (Brussels Airlines) "new" c/s
  • G-JZHW (Jet2Holidays) Jet2.com c/s
  • YL-LDF (easyJet) Lease
  • G-DRTH (Jet2Holidays)
  • G-JZHS (Jet2Holidays) Jet2.com c/s
  • CS-TJK (TAP) 
  • EI-DUZ (Aerlingus) 
  • 5Q-CMC (Congo government B727) Stored 
  • G-WUKU (WizzAir) 
  • OH-LZS (FinnAir)
  • G-EZBT (easyJet) 
  • D-AISP (Lufthansa) 
  • SP-TAT (Private owner)
  • OE-IZV (easyJet Austria)
  • OE-IVB (easyJet Austria)
  • I-GURU (Private owner)
  • EI-DCZ (Ryanair) "Kuwjawy pomorze" sticker
  • 9H-SLF (Anadolujet)
  • G-HNPN (Private owner)
  • CS-DOS (Private owner)
  • YL-LDJ (Anadolujet)
  • EI-DCO (Ryanair)
  • OE-LQB (easyJet Austria)
  • D-AIZE (Lufthansa)
  • EI-DEO (Aerlingus) Irish Rugby team c/s
  • EI-EMK (Ryanair)
  • G-GDFS (Jet2Holidays) Jet2.com c/s
  • N1TF (Private owner)
  • EI-DWS (Ryanair)
  • N656FG (Fosun)
  • CS-LTC (Private owner)
  • EI-EMK (Ryanair)
  • EI-HGZ (Ryanair)
  • SP-MRD (Private owner)
  • G-EZBH (easyJet UK)
  • G-EZBT (easyJet UK)
  • D-AIBE (Lufthansa)
  • EI-DVL (Aerlingus)
  • F-HGSA (Private owner)
  • OE-IJV (easyJet Austria)
  • D-AERO (Private owner) Embraer c/s
  • EI-EMR (Ryanair)
  • F-GTAS (AirFrance)
  • EC-NDG (Voltea)
  • D-AISQ (Lufthansa)

Wamos A330 taxiing for departure 

"Kujawy Pomorze"

Stored 727 Congo government 

Fosun Dassault Falcon

My first Aerlingus a330

Irish Rugbyteam livery

Airport control vehicle

CS-TRJ in Hybrid c/s

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