Man looses blood onboard a380

Gepubliceerd op 11 februari 2024 om 13:55

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BANGKOK - A German man died this Thursday on an Airbus A380 between Bangkok and Munich.

This Thursday, February 8, during flight LH773 between Bangkok in Thailand and Munich in Germany, a 63-year-old man died in mysterious conditions, newspaper Blick reported.

According to two passengers seated in the back row, this German man, accompanied by a Filipino woman, was “in a cold sweat” even before takeoff.

The captain was called, spoke briefly to the man and then called for a doctor over the loudspeaker. A young man from Poland with poor English looked at the German passenger. But he only asked briefly how he was feeling, felt his pulse and then gave the OK.

The A380 (reg. D-AIML) took off from Suvarnabhumi International Airport but the man’s health deteriorated significantly. Flight attendant gave him some chamomile tea, but he was already spitting blood into the bag his wife handed him.

The pilots immediately contacted ATC and requested to return to Bangkok.


Suddenly, a stream of blood comes out of his mouth and nose. “It was absolute horror, everyone was screaming,” a passenger recalled. According to him, the man lost liters of blood, even spraying the walls of the plane.


After several resuscitation attempts, the sixty-year-old died. “It was absolutely silent on board.” said a passenger.

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