Door Transavia partially open during flight

Gepubliceerd op 12 februari 2024 om 21:35

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SCHIPHOL - The Boeing was leaving for Alicante at 6:50 a.m. when the incident occurred. "The front door was partially open. The space was big enough for the flight attendant to be able to put the arm through. Passengers got cold but remained calm," an attendee told the newspaper.

The captain then decided to turn around to Schiphol and flew low back to the airport. A safe landing was possible at Schiphol Airport.

The incident occurred in January shortly after the incident involving an Alaska Airlines MAX 9, which lost a door plug (from an inactive emergency exit) in mid-air. The Transavia spokesman stressed that there is no connection: "It is an isolated incident. It can happen sporadically that a door does not close properly." According to De Telegraaf, no signal would have come through in the cockpit before departure that the door was not closed properly.

The Transavia passengers were taken to their destinations by another plane after the incident.



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