Air China orders 100 C919 aircraft

Gepubliceerd op 26 april 2024 om 19:23

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Air China is placing an additional order for one hundred COMAC C919s, the Chinese challenger to the Airbus A320neo, the airline announced on Friday.

The Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC impressed 2 months ago with the C919 during the Singapore Airshow. The type, with a capacity of 150 to 190 passengers, should be the answer to the A320 and 737 from Airbus and Boeing. The order has a value of 10 billion euros based on list prices. Air China, one of the three major (state) airlines of the East Asian country, had previously ordered a handful of C919s. The company expects the first copy this year.

The C919 made its first test flight in 2017 and entered commercial service last year with China Eastern Airlines, the first and so far only user of this type. There are now five flying with that company.They are used on domestic routes.

This type only has Chinese customers for the time being.

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