Delta flight returns to JFK Airport after malfunction with emergency slide

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On April 27th of 2024, a Delta Boeing 767-300ER returned back to JFK Airport after an emergency slide malfunction which happened while flying to LAX.

Delta Airlines Flight 520 declared an emergency and returned safely to the airport around 8:35 a.m. after the crew reported a vibration, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The pilots reported vibrations and banging sounds to air traffic control just after takeoff and the plane was in the air for 33 minutes before it returned to JFK.

Delta said that the emergency slide had separated from the aircraft when it returned back to the gate.

"After the aircraft had safely landed and proceeded to a gate, it was observed that the emergency slide had separated from the aircraft," a spokesperson said. "Delta is fully supporting retrieval efforts and will fully cooperate in investigations."

There were 176 customers, two pilots and five flight attendants on board.

After the flight returned to Kennedy, the passengers were switched out to a different plane, and their flight departed at 10:59 a.m. - about three hours behind schedule.

"As nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and people, Delta flight crews enacted their extensive training and followed procedures to return to JFK," a Delta spokesperson said in a statement. "We appreciate their professionalism and our customers' patience for the delay in their travels."

The 33-year-old aircraft was removed from service while Delta teams evaluate the plane.

The FAA said it will investigate.

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