Cyprus Air Force H145M seen for the first time

Gepubliceerd op 28 maart 2024 om 11:28

© Wim Sonneveld

On 21 March, the first pictures of Cyprus Air Force H145M surfaced. They were seen in their full Cypriot livery and serials at Ingolstadt-Manching (Germany) while performing test flights.

In June 2022, the Air Force Command of the Cyprus National Guard ordered six H145M attack helicopters from Airbus Helicopters for the sum of € 53 million. They will fill the gap that was created when the whole fleet of eleven Russian-built Mil Mi-35P attack helicopters was transferred to Serbia in November 2023.

As can be seen in the pictures, the helicopters have 5-bladed main rotors, which officially makes the full type BK117D3, but the marketing designation for its military version is H145M.

At this moment the identity of three of the H145M helicopters destined for the Cyprus National Guard are known:

Serial:                c/n:                  first seen:          Airbus Regi:

  • ??                     21171             Jan-2023             D-HBKE
  • 19-55               21249             Mar-2024            D-HBKW
  • 19-56               ???                   Mar-2024            D-HBKZ

© Wim Sonneveld

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