Czechia says goodbye to the Mi-35

Gepubliceerd op 28 maart 2024 om 11:52

© Giovanni van Erven

The last two Czech Mi-35 Hinds, serial 3365 (c/n 203365) and serial 3366 (c/n 203366) destined for Ukraine, left their home country on 21 March.

The two helicopters made their delivery trip via Poland to Ukraine, where they have been handed over to the Ukrainian armed forces and will join the fight against the Soviet invaders.

According to the Scramble Czech database, both 3365 and 3366 were withdrawn from service in 221.vrl in November 2023. Mi-35 3366 earlier gained fame thanks to its fascinating 'Alien'special paint, but this was replaced by the standard Czech camo before their delivery.

In total, the Czechia sent eight of its Mi-24V/35 Hind-E to Ukraine. The last remaining Hind, serial 3369 (c/n 203369) will be placed in a museum, most probably Prague-Kbely museum.

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