Happy 1st Centennial Royal Canadian Air Force

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1 April is not only April Fool’s Day, but also happens to be the birthday of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)! It was founded 100 years ago, as the Royal Canadian Air Force, on 1 April 1924, although its history can be traced back to World War One. Its origin dates back to 1 September 1914, when it started as the Canadian Aviation Corps, and via Canadian Air Force (1 August 1918 and 17 May 1920) it became the Royal Canadian Air Force on 1 April 1924.

The RCAF will make a great effort to celebrate its first centennial this year. It will be showcased in a past, present and future context, with a focus on highlighting contributions to Canada’s national safety and security, international peace and global stability. 

The RCAF 2024 Team have established a year-long programme that includes international, national and regional events. An overview of events can be found here.

Many Canadian air bases will open to the public this year and Canadian military aircraft will attend air shows, both in Canada and overseas. Museums and numerous other events in Canada and abroad will also highlight the history of the RCAF.

Recently, the RCAF saw the retirement of the CT-155 Hawks while it is preparing its pilot training for the arrival of the first F-35 Lightning IIs in 2026. Furthermore, it just received the first of three Beechcraft CE-145C Vigilance ISR-aircraft, and is in the process of incorporating the Airbus CC-295 Kingfisher SAR-aircraft and Airbus CC-330 Husky tanker-transports into operational service. The first of fourteen Boeing P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft is also expected in 2026, a capacity that will be enhanced further by the delivery of MQ-9 SkyGuardians from 2028 onwards, propelling the RCAF well into its second centennial!

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