Argentine Air Force Fighting Falcon sighted

Gepubliceerd op 24 april 2024 om 22:31

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On 16 April 2024, a Fuerza Aérea Argentina (FAA, Argentine Air Force) F-16BM Fighting Falcon was sighted at Skrydstrup Air Base (Denmark).

Accompanied by Danish Defence Minister Troels Lund Poulsen at Skrydstrup was Argentina's Defence Minister Luis Alfonso Petri which was showed dual seat F-16BM 'ET199' in full FAA colours.

While the contract for the sale of 24 Danish F-16 Fighting Falcons to Argentina was signed, it became known that only recently the US government had given permission for the sale of the American-produced fighter aircraft.

Although the F-16BM, ET-199, wearing full FAA colours, looked real it could be a part of public relations stunt. In that case, the particular mentioned F-16 could show up everywhere. While most of the last operational Danish F-16s will be sold/given to Argentina and Ukraine, Denmark is getting the new F-35A Lightning II.

The first Fighting Falcons will arrive in 2025, and will be assigned to Grupo Aéreo 6 de Caza (G6C) at Tandil Air Base in the Buenos Aires Province.

The new fighters wil replace the IA-63 Pampa II and Pampa III. A second Air Base is still under consideration, but not yet confirmed.

Looking at the various photos on official and unofficial social media platforms with photoshopped F-16s, the allocated serials will be M-1001 to M-1024.

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